Giants must clear many obstacles to upset Cowboys

There are a couple of hurdles the Giants are going to need to negotiate if they hope to survive their Thanksgiving Day pilgrimage to Jerry’s World . You can start with the Cowboys themselves, of course, since Dallas has already beaten the Giants once this year, in Week 3, and is coming off an extraordinary annihilation of one of the NFC’s best teams, the Vikings.

Depletion is another. The Giants’ already-Iggy-Pop-thin receiving corps is banking on a next-man-up hero, and is on the verge of having to call up either Amani Toomer, Homer Jones or Stephen Baker the Touchdown Maker just to field the standard 11 on every play. The offensive line is dinged up. The secondary is looking more tertiary by the day.

But there is also this:

Would you care to guess a) who was the last Giant to score an offensive touchdown on Thanksgiving Day and b) who the President of the United States was that day?

That would be a) Dale Burnett and b) Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

That was Nov. 24, 1938. Yes. Thursday marks the 84th anniversary of that sacred event. Now, it’s true that while the Giants were regular turkey-day workers in the early days of the league (11 times between 1926 and ’38, all of the games local tilts against the since-deceased Brooklyn Lions, Staten Island Stapletons and Brooklyn Dodgers), that also includes four games in the Super Bowl Era, starting in 1992.

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