Reward to catch ‘Doodler’ serial killer increased by San Francisco police

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Information about a San Francisco serial killer dubbed “the Doodler” remains elusive and police are increasing reward money to catch him.

The San Francisco Police Department’s cold case investigators said the Doodler murdered at least six men between 1974 and 1975. He would target and meet his victims at gay nightclubs, engage in sexual relations, kill them, and dump their bodies outdoors on San Francisco’s west side, investigators said.

One victim who was attacked and escaped told police that the suspect was doodling before the assault. “The suspect was drawing animal figures on a napkin. The suspect commented to the victim that he was attending art school and was studying to be a cartoonist. The victim believed the suspect to be skillful in drawing as he himself had a background in art,” SFPD wrote.
2023 forensic sketch provided by SFPD

Police identified a suspect, but no arrests were made. Victims’ bodies were found in Ocean Beach, Land’s End, and Lincoln Park.

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