Oakland wine bar charged by city after break-in

OAKLAND, Calif. ( KRON ) – Another business owner in Oakland is frustrated after falling victim to countless crimes. The latest was a burglary over the weekend at a wine bar.

Thieves broke down the door of Snail Bar, stealing all its money and causing thousands of dollars of damage. The owner says he is feeling hopeless and wants more support from the City of Oakland.

Andres Giraldo-Florez says he dreamed of owning a bar, and that dream came true three years ago when Snail Bar opened on 51st Street and Shattuck Avenue in Oakland. But sadly for Giraldo-Florez, he also knows owning a business in this community is dangerous.

“That Walgreens gets robbed at gunpoint once a week, two people have been shot at this gas station on the corner. Multiple car thefts. All of my staff have gotten their cars broken into, and this happens every single day,” he said.

His own wine bar has already been a target of several break-in attempts and vandalism. On Saturday – the place got burglarized.

“So, they stole all our cash, they also broke the backdoor to our cellar,” Giraldo-Florez said. “About $5,000 in damage, which is like the last thing we needed because right now everything is really tough in the restaurant business.”

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