Stunning footage shows ATM thieves dragging off with stolen machine near a soon-to-close In-N-Out

A shocking and audacious theft has struck an Oakland Bank of America branch on Hegenberger Drive, leaving the community on edge.

The incident, captured on video, shows the perpetrators making off with an ATM, adding to concerns about rising crime in the vicinity.

The targeted Bank of America branch, located just a half mile from the In-N-Out Burger that recently faced potential closure due to crime concerns, fell victim to the theft in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Video footage depicts the brazen theft, raising questions about the boldness and organization of the criminals involved.

The incident adds to the existing challenges faced by businesses and residents in the area.

In an alarming turn of events, thieves struck not just one, but two businesses in the same area within the span of about an hour on that Sunday morning, according to the Oakland Police Department.

The first theft occurred at approximately 6:15 a.m. on Edgewater Drive near Hegenberger Road, in close proximity to Oakland International Airport. The second incident unfolded just before 7:30 a.m., less than a mile away on Hegenberger Road.

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