Is SF’s street vending permit enforcement working? Here’s what we found out

It’s been several weeks since San Francisco began cracking down on street vendors, requiring them to have a permit to sell at the 24th Street BART Plaza. City officials say the program is working as people try to comply with the law.

What ABC7 News saw Thursday seems to confirm that it’s the so-called “backpack peddling” that is proving hard to stop.

The corner of 24th and Mission streets in the Mission District has always been bustling with people selling goods. After the city demanded permits, the sidewalks now seem less crowded.

To date, the city has issued 49 permits. In almost all cases, the city has waived the $430 fee.

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Vendors like Jose Escalante were more than happy to show us their permits.

“A lot of folks are very happy that finally the city is doing something to restore some sort of order and system so that it’s not what it has been. It’s been chaos,” said San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

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