Dispute between Novato neighbors over parking space leads to hate crime arrest

(KRON) — A heated dispute over a parking space between Novato neighbors led to a hate crime arrest, police said.

Douglas Shannon, 64, allegedly threatened to shoot his neighbor “during a disagreement over access to a parking space” in their Olive Avenue neighborhood Tuesday, according to police. Shannon also threatened to “notify government authorities” that the neighbor was living in the United States illegally, the Novato Police Department wrote.

Police said Shannon assumed that the neighbor was an undocumented immigrant based on the victim’s perceived race.

Novato Police Department officers were called to the scene and arrested Shannon on suspicion of committing a hate-motivated crime. Officers said they found a gun inside his home.

“There was a legally owned and registered firearm inside. The firearm was surrendered by Shannon. The firearm was not used during this incident and was taken to ensure the safety of the involved parties,” NPD wrote.

After booking the man into Marin County Jail, the police department obtained a court-ordered restraining order against Shannon that prohibits him from possessing firearms.

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