Living in Florida is like traveling back in time

Moving south, traveling back in time

I am a lifelong Chicagoan who is lucky to spend the winter in Sarasota. I traveled here for the warm weather in Florida.

Now I find that I am in a state that celebrates the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. I am in the land of banning books and now Florida has outlawed the teaching of sociology in public colleges.

I knew that I was traveling south but didn’t realize I was also moving backward in time.

Gerald Lasin, Sarasota and Deerfield, Illinois

Biden is bigger threat to democracy

Since the Biden administration has no accomplishments to tout to the voters (see Afghanistan, border crisis and inflation), it appears that his reelection campaign is reduced to two issues: abortion and “threat to democracy.”

The first has been dealt with by the Dobbs decision, which leaves the abortion issue up to the states.

The second is based on the events of Jan. 6, where those who felt that their candidate was cheated acted out to express their displeasure. This was a one-time event that did not alter the process of electing President Joe Biden.

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