VIDEO: Arizona Sen. Anna Hernandez calls for moment of silence for Baltimore bridge immigrant workers

@coppercourier On March 26, a cargo ship rammed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge. At least eight people fell into the water, and two were rescued. The collapse caused the death of six construction workers-all of whom were migrant workers from Mexico or Central America, including an enterprising Honduran father and husband who started a delivery business before the pandemic forced him to find other work, according to his family. Yesterday, Arizona Sen. Anna Hernandez asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of the six migrants who lost their lives. “The workers who died must be mourned, their families comforted, economic redress made, but even more let us hope -no let us resolve- that their deaths may begin to dislodge the rapid contemporary reflex to scorn those who come to America…” 📹 : @annahernandezfor24 . . . . . #baltimorebridgecollapse #migrant #migrants #migrantstories #migrantworkers #supportmigrant #migrantsandminoritiesalliance #migrantwork #baltimorebridges #baltimorebridge🙏 #supportmigrantworkers #supportmigrants #az #arizona #aznews #arizonanews ♬ original sound – Copper Courier.

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