Colorado Contractor Destroys Bathroom For Non-Payment

A video circulating on the internet has revealed a contractor damaging the work he conducted in a residence. Law enforcement is attempting to figure out if this incident can be considered a crime or a civil offense. Meanwhile, 11 News anchor Catherine Silver is speaking to both the contractor’s company and the homeowner.

The contractor alleges that the homeowner refused to pay them, so they repossessed the tile shower they had installed. Meanwhile, the homeowner informs Silver that her roommate allowed the contractor into the house while she was away at work.

Trucke expressed dismay over the work done by Dream Home Remodels of Colorado, saying she had paid them $3,000 of the $7,500 bill but now has nothing to show for it. After communication between the two sides broke down, the company repossessed the tile shower they had installed. When 11 News reached out, the company said they wouldn’t share any paperwork but released a statement saying they had never done something like this before and that it was not their regular practice.

Additional photos of the work down appear to further justify why the homeowner was not happy. Judge the work for yourself:

The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department and the police have begun an investigation of the incident. Additionally, Silver has contacted the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, who have reported that no other complaints have been filed against the firm.