National Weather Service surveys Tri-State storm damage

POSEY COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – Cleanup continues across the Tri-State after Tuesday’s severe weather. That widespread damage brought meteorologists with the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Paducah, Kentucky to the area for damage surveys. They are working to determine if damage was caused by straight-line winds or spin-up tornadoes.

“It’s just like doing investigative work,” explains National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Christine Wielgos, “trying to figure it out, put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out what happened, and that’s basically what you end up doing all day long, is investigative work.”

The survey team’s day began in southern Illinois. We met with Wielgos briefly during their busy survey trek in Posey County, the start of damage assessments of large damage paths across multiple states. Early indications show wind speeds reached at least 90 miles per hour.

Local meteorologists left in the dark during NWS radar outage

“There’s a lot of damage that would indicate that some pretty strong winds went through here,” explains Wielgos.

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