Health Dept. advises septic work must be licensed, with agency notified

WESTOVER — Since 2023 all individuals and companies that perform on-site wastewater services in Maryland to include septic tank pumping and hauling must be licensed with the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Other services requiring a license include septic installer, designer, property transfer inspector, plumber, or operation and maintenance tech providing wastewater services.

In addition, any provider performing work on a septic system must consult with the Health Department and potentially acquire a septic permit from the Environmental Health at the Somerset County Health Department.

A list of registered individuals can be found online at

For more information contact Environmental Health at 443-523-1700 of if you need assistance in determining if you are working with a registered individual. Homeowners that have had on-site wastewater services performed by an unlicensed entity may file a complaint with Environmental Health.

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