Residents race to protect coastal properties ahead of storm hitting Massachusetts

Coastal properties in Massachusetts shored up ahead of intense rainstorm 02:41

SALISBURY – Coastal residents are bracing for the impacts of a storm that’s intensifying overnight as it brings heavy rain and wind to Massachusetts.

Randy Wells just shored up another barrier of sand and hay bales in front of a property on Salisbury Beach. He said it likely won’t be the last time but he was hoping he was done for this season.

“I expect to get wash over, maybe we’ll have a half a dune left,” said Wells. “I was hoping to get to the fall with no more winter storms.”

Salisbury has been fortifying its beach with sand, paid for by some of the homeowners, and it’s been somewhat of a losing effort this winter. But Selectman Mike Colburn insists not completely.

“The sand has not disappeared, it’s just flattened off…But they still have sand in front of them, which will protect them,” said Colburn.

Residents still recovering in Hampton, New Hampshire

While this storm is expected to pack powerful winds, eyes are also on the ocean, where the tide is not expected to be as high as previous storms this year. It’ll likely create some minor flooding along Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, though not like the deluge in January that caused considerable damage residents are still recovering from.

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