Lombardo defends eviction bill veto

Gov. Joe Lombardo defended himself from Democratic attacks that he’s made things harder for renters and those seeking affordable housing in Nevada.

In an exclusive interview Tuesday, Lombardo rebutted attacks levied by Democrats at a news conference last week , in which they said the governor “bears the responsibility for Nevada’s housing crisis, full stop.”

Lombardo estimated his administration had built 5,000 new affordable housing units since he was sworn in to office in January 2023. He said the state infrastructure bank had put $420 million toward affordable housing as well.

He also repeated his demand that the federal government free up more federal land on the outskirts of Las Vegas for development, land that could be traded for parcels closer to the city center where affordable homes could be constructed. Last month, during a presidential visit, Lombardo released a letter he’d written to President Joe Biden on the subject.

Asked about a veto of a bill that would have allowed renters late on their payments to stay in their homes as long as they had applied for pandemic assistance, Lombardo said it was time for that program to end.

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