Flooding concerns in New Jersey as powerful storms down trees and power lines

It was wild and dangerous Wednesday night as strong storms moved through New Jersey, bringing down trees and causing power outages in addition to flooding in some parts.

A big tree in Rochelle Park was no match for the unrelenting wind and rain that ripped it out of the ground. Its branches dragged down power lines, causing residents on Hazley Avenue to lose power.

Fortunately, power was all that was lost for a little more than a dozen people.

In Jersey City, you could barely see the streets, which were flooded by the buckets of water that mother nature dropped.

In Lodi, the Saddle River rose by the hour, which came as no surprise to nearby communities, which has seen the river saturated by a number of storms. It’s already been flooded several times this year.

It’s once again gradually rising as the area has gotten pummeled with days of rain and wind.

The river is expected to crest at 2 a.m. Thursday, a hair below flood stage.

Puddles formed at the mouth of a nearby parking lot that practically kisses the river.

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