Online Egg Scams Exposed in New York

The cost of eggs in New York is continuing to increase, and con artists are taking advantage of the situation.

Many places around the world are facing the same issues of soaring prices and rising crime rates due to the economic strain. From California’s eggs being smuggled over the Mexican border to the Hudson Valley’s scam from a purported local farmer, these problems are widespread and require global solutions.

A Beacon, NY resident recently posted on Facebook, “I unfortunately fell for the ‘buying farm fresh eggs’ scam and lost $12.” Investigation of the scam revealed that a Facebook account had been posting in Hudson Valley community pages, offering “farm-fresh” eggs at a low cost to families facing expensive breakfast prices.

The scam victim shared that after looking up the name on the Zelle charge, it was linked to a deceased person on Facebook. Although it could be a coincidence, they had the feeling it was a stolen identity. To report the incident, they contacted the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The victim also warned that there are many tell-tale signs of a scam to look out for.

Raising a red flag should be a knee-jerk reaction when businesses or individuals request payment upfront without offering goods or services. As one person stated, “If they demand money in advance for a pickup item, then flee quickly”. Additionally, if the post is on a local community page, it would be wise to investigate the individual or profile’s past activity. If this is their first post, it is best to be cautious.