New York State: Container Gardening For Beginners

Vegetable gardens in containers are simple to start. For beginners who just want to grow a few plants, or the avid gardener here in New York State in this weather we have, this is perfect. You can move plants in and out with ease.

Put on your gardening gloves, grab a container (anything that holds dirt and has drainage, or you can add drainage, and use it!), and roll up your sleeves!

The size of the container will also depend on what you’re planting. Use the next chart as a guide.

  • Melons (watermelons, cantaloupes, etc.) should be grown in the biggest pot you can find, with plans to trellis the plants and provide fruit sacks.
  • At least a 3-gallon pot for eggplants, tomatoes, and peppers. Greater is always preferable.
  • 10 quarts for zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, runner beans, and peas, and think about trellises.
  • Flowers—there is simply too much variation in flowers; plant your seeds, bulbs, and cuttings according to the directions.
  • Nearly all herbs, especially culinary ones, should be prepared in a minimum of a 6-quart pot.
  • Greens should be grown in a 6-quart pot and harvested frequently.

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