“It Was A Calling From God” – Toby Keith On What Inspired Him To Open The OK Kids Korral


Colt Ford opened up on the Ten Year Town podcast

about how much of Keith’s own funds he poured into the private hospital for families with children receiving cancer treatment, I have been deep-dive learning more about the Korral.

“OK Kids Korral helps make life a little easier for children with cancer by providing a safe, convenient, and hopeful place for families to connect with each other and focus on the well-being of their child. OK Kids Korral provides daytime and overnight lodging for pediatric patients and their families. The state-of-the-art facilities at OK Kids Korral are designed to create a relaxing haven for the entire family.



describes the Ronald McDonald-like housing option for families traveling far to receive the best treatment for their sick child. On the podcast episode, Ford noted that Keith contributed

$20 million

to keep the facility open. But what inspired Keith to open such a wonderful place? Keith did an interview when the Toby Keith Foundation opened the doors of the OK Kids Korral in 2013, and he noted that a close friend had lost their child to cancer. When their family packed up to take him to St. Jude to receive treatment, they weren’t sure how long they were going to be in Tennessee or when they would be back to Oklahoma. When they returned, they told Keith that when they got to St. Jude, a similar facility allowed the family to stay together, providing free housing while their child was in the hospital.

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