The primary politics of ‘school choice’

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott proclaimed this week “School Choice Week” on Sunday, putting a spotlight back on the issue turning Republicans against each other in contentious primary races for the Texas House.

“Each year, the last week of January is dedicated to celebrating the impact that education freedom can make on children, families, and our entire state,” Gov. Abbott wrote. “I encourage all Texans to become familiar with the many educational opportunities available and find ways to support educators serving across our state.”

Meanwhile, he’s encouraging Texas Republican voters to throw out their representative for new candidates friendly to his cause.

Abbott staked enormous political capital on his plan to subsidize private education with state money, calling for “universal” education savings accounts that would help families move their children out of public school. But after an entire legislative session and four special sessions, about two dozen Republicans blocked his plans.

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