PacifiCorp plan will delay the early retirement of coal-fired power plants in Utah

PacifiCorp released an update to its 20-year plan for energy resource investments, making a significant departure from what was submitted last year to the Public Service Commission.

“PacifiCorp’s long-range planning provides a framework for future actions the company anticipates will be needed to provide the reliable and essential electric service our customers expect and deserve,” said Rick Link, senior vice president of resource planning.

“We are focused on four core objectives as we plan to serve our customers in the future: reliability, resilient infrastructure, fair and reasonable prices, and a continued transition to clean and non-emitting sources of energy along the important trajectory of reduced carbon emissions,” he added.

A release by the company said key changes in the update are being driven by significant regulatory and judicial decisions that include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of Wyoming’s state Ozone Transport Rule plan and a U.S. district court stay of the EPA’s disapproval of Utah’s state Ozone Transport Rule plan.

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