Successful Writers Share The Overly Critical Things Their Moms Say About Their Work


Having parents who put pressure on you can be a double-edged sword. For one, it’s great because if they’re pressuring you to do great things and achieve something awesome in life so you can be happy with yourself, well, that’s some awesome child-rearing skills right there.

But then there are times you just want your parents to be proud of you and your accomplishments, and having an overly critical mom can detract from that whole “supportive parent” thing we all desire, whether we know it or not.

Balancing between constructive criticism and being overly tough is a delicate task, something that writer and comedian Jon Savitt pointed out when he shared a text from his mother after he sent her something he had written.

And as it turns out, a bunch of people could relate to Savitt’s screencapped text.

Some told Savitt he should treasure his mother’s helpful suggestions, as she’s only helping out his career in comedy.

While other writers pointed out that it’s not just moms who get overly critical.

Savitt shouldn’t feel too bad, however. Novelist Celeste Ng’s mother is equally not as outwardly expressive when it comes to supporting her daughter’s writing career.

She chalked it up to “being an Asian mom thing.”

Apparently, Ng’s mom, along with others, send one star reviews of their books for their kids to read.

A constant reminder to their children that there are people out there who are saying critical things about their writing, as if their criticisms aren’t enough.

Some moms go out of their way to critique the writing of kids they don’t even know.

In Savitt’s defense, however, he did have a legitimate distraction that may have caused the little typo.

And in case you’re wondering, his mom did ultimately find out he put her on blast online.

Maybe she’ll temper any typo-finds with a compliment or two?


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