USPS federal team searches Tallahassee post offices

After at least 9 months of complaints from Northeast Tallahassee neighbors, an investigation is now underway into those complaints.

Florida Congressman Neal Dunn announcing the news on his Facebook page Wednesday.

It’s an issue Northeast Tallahassee reporter, Kendall Brandt been following since November.

The United States Postal Service’s federal auditors are searching Tallahassee post offices right now.

Through the months, neighbors have told us their stories with missing, late and stolen mail in Northeast Tallahassee.

There’s been reports on stolen checks, mail taking a month to arrive across the street and piles of letters dumped on the streets of Northeast Tallahassee.

Leon County Commissioner Brian Welch Office told me over the phone Wednesday afternoon.

Congressman Neal Dunn announced via Facebook that a USPS office of the inspector general audit team is searching several offices to investigate missing and late mail, as well as other poor services.

Commissioner Welch’s office says Dunn’s office says it will take three to four months for them to come back with a report.

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