This Woman Helped A Stranger With English Homework To Impress His Crush

People are willing to do some pretty crazy things for love. Countless stories, songs, movies, plays, books, and I’m sure scientific breakthroughs were made because of this fact of life.

Now some people do wild things, like that astronaut charged with attempted murder who drove from Houston to Orlando wearing a diaper, all to kill a woman she thought was a romantic rival hell-bent on stealing her love interest from her.

Then if you wanna get all fictional, just look at Thanos in his Marvel comics appearances. He wants to wipe out half of the universe’s population all to please the apple of his eye: who just so happens to be Lady Death. That’s some crazy love.

Then there’s the charming kind of crazy people will do in order to have a shot with someone they’re crushing on, like this Brazilian dude who wanted to impress a boy in his class. So he did what any normal person would do: message a random person online and ask for help.

Twitter user Olivia Joy got messaged out of nowhere from the lovestruck student who needed some help with his English homework.

The conversation could’ve started like any random out-of-nowhere creepy request from a dude.

You see, if he did well on his homework and impressed the boy who caught his eye, he would get to smooch him the following weekend.

He sent he snapshots of his worksheets and asked Joy for some help.

And, probably because we’ve all been desperate for a shot at love at one point in our lives or another and could use all the help we get, Joy obliged the Brazilian man’s request.

Which started a conversation on which American girls are the best.

Now I’m sure Katy Perry and others would totally insist that his experience with a California girl was not indicative of the majority female population of the Golden State, but he didn’t have any luck with whoever he reached out to before Joy.

Joy got back to him with the answers and he was overjoyed.

Her tweet blew up and as a result, she started getting contacted by other Brazilian students who needed help with their homework.

And she was more than happy to lend a helping hand.

And, according to this very official tweet, she’s become an honorary member of the Brazilian clan, which comes with some very enviable perks.

The man who originally reached out to her, Paul Ramos, for help saw her tweet blow up and replied to Olivia’s now-viral tweet.

And people wanted to know if he was able to impress the boy or not.

But as of now there’s no clear cut answer.

People also couldn’t understand how his slang was so on-point, but he struggled with more basic rules of the English language.

But like any constructive Twitter discussion, they got to the bottom of it.

And a Brazilian entered the thread to explain why Ramos’ slang was so good.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the magic of social media communication on the internet. You can get homework help from a foreigner, become small-time famous for sharing your story, and then learn the educational/cultural reasoning why certain aspects of your language becomes understood/popularized in another country when more formal rules aren’t. Fascinating stuff.