Boom! There it is! “A” Mountain Fireworks

It’s a July 4th tradition that fills the skies just west of Tucson’s downtown: The “A” Mountain Fireworks.

KGUN9 got a look at the set-up ahead of the event.

Tubes set up on one of the parking lots on “A” Mountain are the launchers for the beautiful colors that light up “A” Mountain. The plan to 2022 called for launching close to a thousand fireworks. Kevin Luckenbill of Fireworks Productions of Arizona says the fireworks are precisely planned for that maximum Ooooh! factor.

“So we look at what size shells we have, how many of each shell we have a timing in between I mean, there’s a lot of logistics that goes into figuring out where to set them up which ones go the highest and so the put them in areas that will be more exciting and that way you don’t just see everything exploding in one spot. You know, it’s nice to have a variety going up in the air, different heights, different designs, you know, there’s a lot that goes into it.”

Part of the planning goes into safety. Big shells may be fired higher or in particular directions so anything left from the blast is less likely to float down and start a fire.

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