Wildcat fans react to schools leaving the Pac-12

When it comes to sports, Wildcat fans are all in.

“I just love all the passion the fans have,” said UArizona student, Bryce Dyer.

“I’m from Tucson. Born and raised. We always had season passes. We used to go to all the games,” said UArizona graduate, Desiree Zamora.

“It kind of came out of nowhere. Definitely a shake up,” said Dyer.

“I’m not really sure. Maybe the future is going to be different for U of A sports,” said UArizona graduate, Woody Simpson.

With UCLA and USC on their way out, many are wondering if the schools left behind will stay or go.

“I’m really afraid that this is the start of the end for the Pac-12. I think Arizona and ASU will probably be next to go to a big conference. Probably the Big 12,” said UArizona sports fan, Dave Ellis.

“It’s just a shame that all these rivalries are going by the wayside now. They won’t be meeting anymore,” said Ellis.

Some hope the Wildcats will choose to stay right where they are.

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