Abortion in Arizona: Group continue to rally and react

In the wake of the Arizona Supreme Court decision on abortion in Arizona and Vice President Kamala Harris ‘s visit to Tucson, local groups are rallying to let their voices be heard.

In front of Planned Parenthood on Friday morning, a group of anti-abortion rights activists held a rally. Lisa Andresen, a member of the Students for Life, stood with her sign and her story.

“I had an unplanned pregnancy at 17,” she said. “I knew what it was like to have a pregnancy test come up positive in the most terrifying way.”

Now, she works to support women in crisis pregnancies. As the conversation around abortion continues, she said the fight isn’t over.

“I don’t see this as a win, not at all,” she said. “Especially with the ballot amendments that we have coming up in November. I feel like this will motivate the other side tenfold. And unfortunately there’s a lot of misconceptions about what this ballot is going to do.”

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