Arizona Department of Transportation adds new requirements to driving test

Peter Fell turned on the car equipped with a special brake for him to use if his driving students makes a mistake. Safety is always on his mind.

He’s been a driving instructor for about 13 years and currently works for Stop and Go Driving School in Tucson.

During his time as a driving instructor, he said the Arizona Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Division has changed the driving test a few times.

On Thursday, the division changed the driving requirements again. Previously, they had implemented a pilot program of the new requirements in 12 field offices. They are now required state-wide.

They now require drivers to identify parts of the car like the emergency flashers, horn, windshield wipers, and emergency brakes.

“The new curriculum is just a little bit different tweaking, of really, on the inside of the vehicle,” Fell said.

Fell said the new requirements will help students identify the features and buttons on the car so they won’t attempt to find them while driving.

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